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lyrics "Yvngxchris - Foolin Around"

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Artist express:Solange
Release year:2021

[Intro: Solange]
Brown liquor
Brown sugar, brown face
Brown liquor
Brown sugar, brown braids
Black skin
Black Benz, black plays
Black molasses, blackberry the masses (Yuki Production)

[Verse: yvngxchris with The-Dream]
Shorty keep askin', like "Chris what you doin'" I told her "Just sittin' here foolin' around"
Step in that bitch and everybody know my name, can't lie, I'm the dude in my town
Gave her the dick one time, now she keep on beggin' me, "Chris, let's go one more round"
Goddamn, Yuki this beat goin' way too fast, okay, let's slow this ho down
Matter fact, fuck it, I'm speedin' that bitch up
Kankan that pussy, I'm beatin' that bitch up
She suck it sloppy, I can't even get up
Shorty too ugly, I can't even get up
Pussy boy hatin', my racks gettin' bigger
Ho tryna fuck [?] eat this dick up
She want the [?]
I slide with the Glock and that bitch finna hiccup
You gettin' knocked at your door if you fuckin' with Chris
And my young nigga, he gettin' rich
Yvngxchris be fuckin' these bitches, I gotta admit, goddamn
Nigga you not with the gang and I got good [?] so you know that the Glock finna hit
And that nigga broke as a bitch
Down bad, that nigga still askin' bitches for their Kik
And I slide with a choppa, I'm not talkin' soccer, that motherfucker got some kick
And I feel like a kid with no friends, 'cause [?] is really playin' with them sticks (Oh yeah)
And I'm droppin' hits on top of hits, they say goddamn "Chris you don't miss" (Oh yeah)
And I really don't fuck with that drill shit, so I'm finna switch it up
She ride like a horsey, told her "Giddy up"
And that bitch suck my dick, told that girl to get up
I ride, with the stick in the [?]
These niggas actin' like bitches, on God
That bitch tryna wave at a nigga like Rod
And I'm finna go cray, [?] a nigga like [?]...
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