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lyrics "Yung Simmie - Full Metal Freestyle"

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Artist express:Yung Simmie
Release year:2014

A mastermind, I mastered time
I put in work, it's overtime
I'm bout my nickels and my fucking dimes
Ion't rap because I mastered rhymes
Pull up on your bitch in my spaceship hella smoking
Yeah we loc'n and you know we stay lit
Man I'm posted and she scoping, so I know she want the dick
Got her open, now she hopin'
That I take her to the crib
But I ain't no lame and I got game I could've played for the Hurricanes
But I'm in the booth, thinking money finna make it rain
I don't need no fucking chain, all I need is my fucking brain
"S" on my chest, I'm hard as steel
Grippin' woodgrain
They don't understand (they don't)
I'm feeling good, I was born the man
Bitches on demand, money in my hand
So I flex on you
Nike nigga, I put the check on you
I might spit on you
Let my fucking pit on you
Shit on you
You pitiful
Who is he? I get rid of you
You get ridicule
You miniscule
I'm andre the giant
I'm fighting a lion
I'm king of the Zion
The lyrical God
My bars are so hard
You can't defy it
You can't deny it, no UFO
You see me flying
We came to riot
Niggas dying, babies crying
Ain't no lying, keep it real
When you in the field
Smoking blunts, sipping 40s
Yeah I'm on chill, ILL
Yung Simmie!
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