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lyrics "YoungBoy Never Broke Again - House Arrest Tingz"

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Release year:2020

Drum Dummie
Drum Dummie made the beat and I'm gon' kill it
Oh, this Drum Dummie who made this beat, huh
I ain't flashin', though
I'm just coolin' right now
It ain't nobody but me and Herm in the studio
And I'm just bored
I hope y'all was waitin' to hear from me
So, I just recorded
Real street nigga, I ain't tryna feel no sorrow (no)
Drive that Maybach like a fuckin' Monte Carlo
I been tryna find some peace and only God know (yeah)
Cross me once, can't call my phone, you get the dial tone
I been on fleek, I'm poppin' (I'm poppin')
Not many 'round, if you don't know, it helped my pockets (my pockets)
And my bro take that Draco and go wildin' (bah, bah)
Tryna grow up, don't come in contact with that violence
Violins should be played, how I'm stylin'
Comment well, she like, "What picture?" That ain't my bitch
Tired of the Bayou, I wan' take it out to New York
And live a high life like a nigga signed with Highbridge
I flash out and take his head from off his body
I never once showed you that side, but that's who I'm is
Hidin' out, I let that .30 spit on College
If I die right now, just check the stats and see how I did
I'm a real street nigga, yeah
I just pulled my 'Retta out and tried to stop a nigga (where you goin'?)
I just walked outside my house and almost shot a nigga (fuck is you doin'?)
Fuck my ex, I hope my next can probably top her, nigga
Take me to a place I can't imagine (oh)
Victim of heartbreak and I'm so damaged (oh)
Steppin' in blood, we deep thugs and I can't panic
Yeah, we knocked him off
Nigga, what? They gotta hand it
I just took the foreign on the block and took the top off
Talkin' out his top, I go by top, I get him knocked off
See them youngins hoppin' out that Benz, that's some dropouts
They was hatin', I knocked 'em out my lens, that ain't my fault
I'm with Herm, I'm drinkin' on that Henn' like a pawpaw
Pure codeine, they drinkin' on that gin, I been goin' off
Goin' off on all these hoes waitin' on me to fall
I walked in court, dirty as the fuck with pee up in my draws (woo)
Bitch, I'm drunker than the fuck, I need some Tylenol
I go nuts, soon as you buck, I shoot at all of y'all (bah, bah)
I left therapy with K3 and I sped off
Talkin' proper as the fuck with my head off
Talkin' proper as the fuck with my head off
Been goin' crazy but I can't let my son see it all
All this love got me damaged, I just want it gone
If you my friend, let's get it in, bitch, take yo' panties off
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