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lyrics "Young Madonna - ALVN "

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Artist express:ALVN, Noah Jordan
Release year:2018

Hey baby, you my favorite
I wanna take you, if you can take it
I wanna taste you, let me taste it
Once you zone out, you gonna play this (x2)

Baby girl, how you doin
Thought about you in my dreams
The second I wake instead, this isnt really what it seems
Wish I could sleep forever and have you right beside me
We could sleep together
Dream our lives, and live our dreams
And we can sleep whenever
And well make so much fucking money
We aint got to wait for nothing unless were horny or hungry
Thats my promise, Im honest, we take vacations, Bahamas
Carry llamas on llamas, a war is upon us, my gorgeous Madonna
Shopping is like church, spending money is praying
This is retail religion, youre an angel Im just saying
Praise the fashion gods, this a synagogue
House of Lou Vuitton, new carpet keep those shoes on
Take that dress and let me go in, seven minutes in heaven
Seven deadliest sins, Im professing to the reverend
Lets take a second, a moment of silence to watch you undress
Forget about our problems while we make progress
Yes, dont stress

(I’m in misery where you can seem as old as your omens
And the mother we share will never keep our cold hearts from calling)
Hey baby, you my favorite
I wanna take you, if you can take it
I wanna taste you, let me taste it
Once you zone out, you gonna play this (x2)

Baby girl what you been missing, you should say goodbye to boring
They aint got style, talent or anything like your man
See Im making four plans, one of them is for plans
The other is what I like to call my never being poor plan
Other involves you and I laid up on the floor plan
Then theres the do it, do it again and do it more plan
Or the France, sort of like lovers under the covers
Young and stubborn, kiss and huggers, we some sexy motherfuckers
I aint leaving til you satisfied, hold up
I aint leaving til tomorrow night, hold up
So we should order some room service, cause this bed has got a purpose
As long as we have each other, their aint nothing that can hurt us
Baby we could be dead soon, baby this could end soon
I dont give no fucks, I left all of those in the bedroom
Im just trying to live and love you like I was meant to
Treat you all kinds of special, now dance to that instrumental
Now dance to that instrumental
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