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lyrics "YelloPain - Impossible Game"

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Artist express:Yellopain
Release year:2020

[Intro: YelloPain]
(I said I can't breathe!)

[Verse 1: YelloPain]
Let's play a game
I promise it's the easiest one you ever played, here go the remote
All you gotta' do is turn the channel on the TV and you get a hundred K'
Now these the rules
You can turn to every channel but forty five, fifteen, and two
This'll be the easiest money you ever made
When you finished, I'ma pay you and we go our sеparate ways
Go ahead
At at, I said forty five, fifteen and two
Why'd you try to press two?
I was tryna press nine
Naw' fam that looked a lot like two
And I promise that I'm a person you should not lie to
Now try again
And I'ma tap you on the hand if you sit up here and try to lie again
All you gotta' do is follow the rules and the money is yours
I don't even know what your strugglin' for
Go ahead
God damn, you typin' fifteen?
I ain't pressin' anything yet, and now I'm gettin' upset, thought you would tap me on the hand if I got it wrong again, how the hell'd I get hit in the head?
I got a fully loaded pistol on me, this is not your time to vent
You gon' get a lot of money, you just gotta' pick
Ain't no way you can lose if it's common sense
How I hate to see you fuck around and die from this
Now go and pick another channel
Does it even matter what I choose if I still lose?
I ain't even ask to be here, and now I'm being forced to play a game I don't know if I can win to?
So, it sound like if I just assumed that you wrong
Then I'm doing something wrong, and I feel you, why?
Cause' we ain't ask to be here, this the reason you all bury us
This is how it feel to be black in America
Only difference is this is not a game
It don't matter what we do if you assume we all the same
And the country taught us we will win equality, that's not the case, bullets went through Oscar, he was only trying to ride a train
Why they never give cops life sentences?
Whole entire system profiting off of my incises
Y'all ain't see the left turn signal, light flickering?
How did Sandra Bland end up dead, I ain't gettin' it
Why differences when your born light pigmented?
Why is it you believe in white privileges?
Force us in a game, no, we cannot win in it, get mad when we try winnin' it

[Chorus: CeCe Beckham]
I won't surrender my hands up, but I'm not afraid
I fight for answers, stand up, till' I get my way
If I die, I know I lost at an impossible game
But if I refuse to play, it may not ever change
(I won't surrender my hands up, but I'm not afraid
I fight for answers, stand up, I won't.)

[Verse 2: YelloPain]
Rest In Peace, George Floyd
Hard to watch his body when his soul left it
I don't think y'all understand the whole message
That was not the reason we are protestin'
That was just the last straw systematic oppression
Now the media showing us stealin' Rolex's
Anything to cover the problem, but no, I won't let it
We get incarcerated just for having chocolate faces
I'ma tell the story if they don't tell it

[Chorus: CeCe Beckham]
I won't surrender my hands up, but I'm not afraid
I fight for answers, stand up, till' I get my way
If I die, I know I lost at an impossible game
But if I refuse to play, it may not ever change
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