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lyrics "XXXTENTACION - Yung Bratz "

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Artist express:Yung Bratz
Release year:2017

Bros on yo block with that Glock, right now
Try me like an Opp and indeed, get shot down
She wanna, X wanna
You wanna? L-l-lick my dick like a what? Nice!
Lick my dick like Lil Wayne lollypop, huh!
Hi, my names Ryan!
What do they call me? Wolf in sheep skin
Try me, might fight
Fist fuck, on sight
Wrist heavy, fat dyke
Pop Molly, Mike Ike
I got glacial white ice
And my bitch rack nice
And I do fight dykes
Ride my dick like a bike
I got black in my voots
My name Toby, like Im Roots
Grab that bat, Babe Ruth
Swing that bitch might lose a tooth
She suck dick with no tooth
My nose runny like "achoo"
With that pussy, I got coins
Might insert right in her groin
Its like jelly, ayy
Dick right in her belly, uh, yuh
Baby got back, yuh
Bitch, come look at my tats, uh, yuh
You got taxed, yuh
My head lookin like Bratz, uh, yuh
Dump that bitch, yuh
Who gonna hold my racks, uh, huh
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