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lyrics "XXXTENTACION - Take a Step Back"

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Artist express:XXXTentacion
Release year:2017

Yeah baby
Uh Members Only, baby
In the motherfuckin' booth yeah baby
I got blood on my boots, baby
Yeah, baby
Yeah baby, throw that ass back on a tricycle, baby!
Fucked up, fucked up, fucked up, fucked up
Fucked up, fucked up, fucked up, Yeah
You done fucked up, you done fucked up
You done fucked up, you done fucked up
Fucked up, fucked up, fucked up, fucked up
Fucked up, fucked up, fucked up, Yeah
You done fucked up, you done fucked up
You done fucked up, you done fucked up
George W Bush right on her pussy, yeah
Yeah, Curious George nigga looking boy you so puss yeah
Yeah, hit my line for the nigga dick check my twitter, yeah
Yeah, they call me young dagger dick thats my handle yeah
She jump on my dick like a handle, hey
Lil bitch, I got on Jesus sandals, hey
X is an animal; mammal, hey
Lil bitch got the back of a camel
Pussy boy you look like a random
Pussy boy you look like a daniel
And if you throwing, through the pussy throw a tantrum, woah
Aye, fucked up, fucked up, fucked up, who, hey
Fucked up, fucked up, fucked up, you, hey
Pussy nigga know he done fucked up
Lame nigga better know his luck up
Pussy nigga know he fucked up
Lame nigga better know his luck up
Like it's Noah's Arc, that pussy wet, no water-park
She said drop that meat in me just like a shopping cart
She told me head straight to the back just like I'm rosa parks
Walked up in the bank with pack that smell like donkey fart
Moose game poison dagger aye
Fuck my conscience, I'll stab ya
Ask that hoe was rackin?
Slide up on a nigga like a care package
Bare in that pussy, like Smokey
Chain swing like rodeo ropy
Diamonds so wet that they soapy
Watch them mingle like they do the hokey-pokey
Aye yo' color diamonds humpty dumpty horror story
Feel like dexter got to put these in my laboratory
Eat it with the sweet-sour sauce like six-piece sauce
Freedom; Fuck the cops, free Keke
Wreck a pussy nigga, come see me uh
I make you say goodbye like a oujia
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