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lyrics "XXXTENTACION - Snow"

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Artist express:XXXTentacion
Album:Free X
Release year:2017

I see black skies, and white lies, Id rather be
Dead, filling my head with different enemies
Thoughts consuming me, fueling my insecurities
As the ground right under me crumbles as if it wasnt there
Its too much, my hearts crushed, Im not alive
I wont allow myself happiness cause its all lies
Ive seen the pain, Ive run away so many times
Death and I are companions, its here at all times
I wont love, wont trust, I wont die
I cant feel, but managed to steal your heart, love
Was dirt poor, now fuck whores and want love
It seems that anything offered could be enough but
Its time
Body falls so I dont know who to call at all
Alone, and my heart, got tat
Of it broke
Im so fucking numb, my life has succumb
To hatred and death, alone
In the snow
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