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lyrics "XXXtentacion - Bass Santana - Curse w xxxtentacion Coolie Cut & Kin$oul"

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Artist express:Bass Santana
Release year:2017

Hey, check my resumé
T-t-to Bass be the glory
My dick go hard, eight (Oy, oy)
True facts, ayy, ayy (Class of 2017, fuck niggas)

Check my clock (Ayy), I can't stop (Ayy)
Fuck around, make my .40 pop (Pew, pew, ayy)
No Popcaans, I pop pistols (Yeah!)
Revenge my body, clothing no issue (Ah!)
Bitch you look sick, you need a tissue
You drop a body, I just might bless you (Ayy!)
I'm metro-sexual, no high cholesterol (Yeah!)
Where Jenny Craig? Bitch, let's get sexual (Yeah, yeah!)
[Verse 2: Bass Santana, XXXTENTACION]
Why the fuck I'd ever lie?
Pussy nigga, bet that pistol part of your disguise (Yeah!)
I could see it in your eyes
Runnin' from the reaper, fuck I'm not afraid to die
Bitches creepin' on my line
Got my main upset, these hoes I fucked and left behind
Need at least two at a time
Moved to foreign, took it over, lost my fuckin' mind
Instigatin's why I don't trust these bitches
Two-faced and lame-ass nigga
Gangbang for fame fake hitta
I ain't never seen squad wit' ya
I don't need a savior, fuck the faith
Cop myself an ounce and work the weight
Seen the Babylon around the way
Who the fuck they catchin'? Not today

[Chorus: Bass Santana, XXXTENTACION]
Ridin' 'round with sinners (Yeah!)
Flyin' on a Nimbus (Yeah!)
Spot a nigga slippin'
Hold on, roll down the window, yo (Ah!)
Low-key schemin' (Yeah!)
Leave his momma screamin', yo (Yeah!)
Curse these demons
Lo-Lord, curse these demons (Ah!)
[Verse 3: Coolie Cut]
Chase 'em with the fuckin' TEC (Ayy)
Hit 'em where it hurt, nigga make it work (Ayy, ayy, ayy)
I'ma make it squirt, nigga, I do dirt
Nigga, I'm a merc, put 'em in the earth
Pay me for the verse, put 'em in a hearse
Gotta finish first (Ayy), I just did my first (Yeah)
Protect me from my curse (From my curse, from my curse)
Ayy, yeah, bitch (Bitch)

[Verse 4: Kin$oul]
Bitch, I put in work, spittin' with a curse
Wouldn't be the first, how much is you worth?
Sell you tour merch, I just wanna fuck
I don't wanna flirt, why your feelings hurt?
Cha cha slide, all in that pussy
How you doin', love? Let's go make a movie
Body lookin' good, when you dress in Gucci
Love the chicken breast, bitin' on yo' booty

[Chorus: Bass Santana]
Ridin' 'round with sinners, mm
Flyin' on a Nimbus
Spot a nigga slippin'
Hold on, roll down the window, yeah
Low-key schemin', mm
Leave his momma screamin' (T-t-to Bass be the—), yeah
Curse these demons
Lo-Lord, curse these demons
[Outro: Bass Santana]
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