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lyrics "Willie Nelson - Last Thing I Needed First Thing This Morning "

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Artist express:Willie Nelson
Release year:1982

The postman delivered
A "past due" bill notice
The alarm clock rang two hours late
The garbage man left all the trash
On the sidewalk
And the hinges fell off our front gate
And this morning at breakfast
I spilled all the coffee
And I opened the door on my knee
But the last thing I needed
The first thing this morning
Was to have you walk out on me
Last night you came home late
And I knew youd been drinking
By that old mellow look on your face
I thought, "It dont matter
Cause its the holiday season"
And you fill such a big empty space
But then I laid down beside you
And I wanted your lovin
Because your love makes my life complete
But the last thing I needed
The first thing this morning
Was to have you walk out on me
So excuse me for lookin
Like my world just ended
And excuse me for lookin
Like I just lost my best friend
And excuse me for livin
And being forgiving
So just go on if you want to be free
But the last thing I needed
The first thing this morning
Was to have you walk out on me
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