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lyrics "Willie Nelson - A Woman's Love "

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Artist express:Willie Nelson
Release year:2017

A womans love goes deeper than the mans
Into a place only she understands
Its a healing touch, its a blade of a knife
But so much love, a womans love that gives you life
A womans love is stronger than a mans
But it can hold your heart in the palm of its hands
Itll keep the faith through the long dark night
It takes a womans love, a womans love to see the light
Itll make you fly, sink you like a stone
Itll leave you high or leave you all alone
If you believe her word, no matter what youve heard
Anybody say about it, theres no life for you without it now
Itll make you fly or sink you like a stone
But itll leave you high or leave you all alone
If you believe her word, no matter what youve heard
Anybody say about it, theres no life for you without it now
If a womans love ever finds your soul
Itll break your will and take control
Cause the very thing that your heart cries for
Is a womans love, this womans love and nothing more
Its a woman love youre living for
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