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lyrics "Will Smith ft. Dru Hill, Kool Mo Dee - Wild Wild West "

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Artist express:Will Smith
Release year:1999

The wild wild west (repeat 16x)
I used to live downtown 129th street
Convent everythings upbeat
Parties ball in the park
Nothing but girls after dark
We chill nobody gets ill
In the place we call the hill
But if you try em
Thats when they will
Get wild but they dont fight they kill
At the...
The wild wild west (repeat 4x)
I remember parties out in the park
With the girlies, rubbing up in the dark
I was smooth, until someone pulled a gun
It was over, they spoiled my fun
I was flying, just like a track star
Dying, nah, i ran through the back yard
Trying to get into my building
Thinking, "why in the heck wont somebody kill them?"
One day the fellas got together
They vowed that no one would ever
Come on our block, and terrorize us
The gangs that used to do it, now they idolize us
Guns, we dont like to use them
Unless, our enemies choose them
We prefer to fight you on like a man
And beat you down with our hands and bodyslam you at the...
The wild wild west (repeat 4x)
We dont start trouble, but boy do we end it
Our time, we like to spend it
Snapping, boy do we heat up
But well take time out to beat up
A sucker, if he wants static
Beatdown, yeah we got it
Good, and well accomidate you
Thanks to us, a lot of brothers hate to
Come back, to this very day
Cause losings one thing we dont play
If youre ever in a fight and youre beating one of us
Break out, before you get bumrushed
At the...
The wild wild west (repeat 16x)
Im talking about nazareth, b.o., tony and milton
Mike mike sluggo and mike chillion
D.o.b., reggie b, and sidney
Dana b, derrick b, sean b, and dont forget
Big hank, don ice and sire rock
God bless peter wax, chuck chuck, and po rock
El dorado george way back in the day
Had all the brothers on the hill talking this way
They said, "god, have mercy l.a.
Sunshine, " and my dj
Easy lee, are from aroud the way
Jock jock, philly phil, don d always
But theyre chillin, keith keith, kv
Steve o, ross ross and a fi
Beroni, toss toss and hung hunk
We fight with our hands and nobodys a punk!
At the...
The wild wild west
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