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lyrics "Why Not Me - Enrique Iglesias "

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Artist express:Enrique Iglesias
Release year:2010

Escaping nights without you with shadows on the wall
My mind is running wild tryin hard not to fall
You told me that you love me but say Im just a friend
my heart is broken up into pieces
Cos i know Ill never free my soul
its trapped between true love and being alone
When my eyes are closed the greatest story told
I woke and my dreams are shattered here on the floor

Why oh why tell me why not me
Why oh why we were meant to be
Baby I know I could be all you need
Why oh why oh why

I wanna love you
if you only knew how much I love you
So why not me

The day after tomorrow Ill still be around
To catch you when you fall and ever let you down
you say that were forever our love will never end
Ive tried to come up but its drowning me to know
youll never feel my soul
Its trapped between true love and being alone
when my eyes are closed the greatest story told
i woke and my dreams are shattered here on the floor

Tell me baby...



You wont ever know
How far we can go
You wont ever know
How far we can go (go)

Pre-chorus x2


(why not me, why not me)
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