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lyrics "Whisper My Name - Ilira"

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Artist express:Ilira
Release year:2018

Maybe it’s all in my head
Maybe it’s something you said
That got me feeling this way
I need you 20 times a day

What did you expect
If you gonna kiss me like that
I want you biting my lips
Got my name hanging from your necklace

Every time you whisper my name
You give me that pleasure pain

Boy I dont need anybody else but you
I’m caught up in every little thing you do
I’m always scared of getting close
But I can never overdose on you
I dont want anybody else, it’s true

I wasn’t ready for the fall
I wasn’t looking for commitment
But baby I’m not scared at all
Now you’re the drug I’m never quitting

What did you expect
If you gonna touch me like that
Cause when you love my body slow
You hit that spot in my soprano
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