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lyrics "We Will Fly - Peterpan Soundtrack "

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Artist express:Peterpan

But, Peter, how do we get to Never Land?
Fly, of course!
Its easy! All you have to do is to is to is to
Huh Thats funny!
Whats the matter?
Dont you know?
Oh sure, its, its just that I never thought about it before
Say, thats it! You think of a wonderful thought!
Any happy little thought?
Like toys at Christmas? Sleight bells? Snow?
Yep! Watch me nowhere I go!
Its easier than pie!
He can fly! He can fly! He flew!
Now, you try
Ill think of a mermaid lagoon
Oh underneath a magic moon
Ill think Im in a pirates cave
Ill think Ill be an Indian brave
Now, everybody try one, two, three!
We can fly! We can fly! We can fly!
This wont do whats the matter with you?
All it takes is faith and trust oh!
And something I forgot Dust!
Dust? Dust?
Yep! Just a little bit of pixie dust
Now, think of the happiest things
Its the same as having wings
Lets all try it, just once more
Look! Were rising off the floor
Jiminy! Oh my! We can fly!
You can fly! We can fly!
Come on, everybody, here we go!
Off to Never Land!
Think of a wonderful thought
Any merry little thought
Think of Christmas, think of snow
Think of sleigh bells off you go!
Like a reindeer in the sky
You can fly! You can fly! You can fly!
Think of the happiest things
Its the same as having wings
Take the path that moonbeams make
If the moon is still awake
Youll see him wink his eye
You can fly! You can fly! You can fly!
Up you go with a height and ho
To the stars beyond the blue
Theres a Never Land waiting for you
Where all your happy dreams come true
Every dream that you dream will come true
When theres a smile in your heart
Theres no better time to start
Think of all the joy youll find
When you leave the world behind
And bid your cares goodbye
You can fly! You can fly! You can fly!
There it is, Wendy, second star to the right
And straight on til morning
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