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lyrics "Warm This Winter - Gabriella Cilmi"

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Artist express:Gabriella Cilmi
Release year:2008

We met in the winter
And we fell in love

Verse 1
Right by a fire place
We shared our first embrace
And then inside my heart
I felt a fire start

Its gonna snow outside
The weather will be cold
But Im gonna be warm (ho ho) this winter

Verse 2
Each time your lips touch mine
They taste like sparkling wine
I feel so warm and loved
Just cause I love you so
Its cosy in your arms
If youre so happy to hold
But Im gonna be warm (ho ho) this winter
Ice skating on a frozen lake
Sleigh riding down a mountain slide
Roasting popcorn, dancing till the dawn
That was how, a new love was born
Its just like make believe
Each night is new years eve
Each day is Christmas day
You make me feel this way

Chorus x2

Hook x2
Oh, oh
Youll make me warm this winter
Oh baby make me warm (ho ho) this winter
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