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lyrics "Walk On Water - Eminem , Beyoncé "

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Artist express:Eminem
Release year:2017

I walk on water
But I aint no Jesus
I walk on water
But only when it freezes (fuck)
Why, are expectations so high?
Is it the bar I set?
My arms, I stretch, but I can’t reach
A far cry from it, or its in my grasp, but as
Soon as I grab, squeeze
I lose my grip like the flying trapeze
Into the dark, I plummet
Now the skys blackening, I know the mark’s high
Butter-flies rip apart my stomach
Knowing that no matter what bars I come with
Youre gonna hark, gripe, and thats a hard Vicodin to swallow
So I scrap these, as pressure increases, like khakis
I feel the ice cracking, because
I walk on water
But I aint no Jesus
I walk on water
But only when it freezes
Its the curse of the standard
That the first of the Mathers disc set
Always in search of the verse that I havent spit yet
Will this step just be another misstep
To tarnish whatever the legacy, love or respect, Ive garnered?
The rhyme has to be perfect, the delivery flawless
And it always feels like Im hitting the mark
Til I go sit in the car, listen, and pick it apart
Like, "this shit is garbage"
God’s given me all this
Still I feel no different regardless
Kids look to me like as a God, this is retarded
If only they knew, its a facade and it’s exhaustive
And I try to not listen to nonsense
But if you bitches are trying to strip me of my confidence
Mission accomplished
Im not God-sent
Nas, Rakim, Pac, Big, James Todd Smith, and Im not Prince, so
I walk on water
But I aint no Jesus
I walk on water (Its true, Im a Rubiks, its true)
But only when it freezes (Its true)
Cause Im only human, just like you
Making my mistakes, oh if you only knew
I dont think you should believe in me the way you do
Cause Im terrified to let you down, oh
Its true, Im a Rubiks, a beautiful mess
At times juvenile, yes, I goof and I jest
A flawed human, I guess
But Im doing my best to not ruin your expectations
And meet em, but first, the "Speedom" verse
Now, Big Sean, hes going too fast
Is he gonna shout or curse out his mom?
There was a time I had the world by the balls, eating out my palm
Every album, song I was spazzin the fuck out on
And now Im getting clowned and frowned on
But the only one whos looking down on me that matters nows Deshaun
Am I lucky to be around this long?
Begs the question, though
Especially after the methadone
As yesterday fades and the Dresden home is burnt to the ground
And all thats left of my house is lawn
The crowds are gone
And its time to wash out the blonde
Sales decline, the curtains drawn
Theyre closing the set, Im still poking my head out from behind
And everyone who has doubt, remind
Now take your best rhyme, outdo it, now do it a thousand times
Now let em tell ya the world no longer cares or gives a fuck about your rhymes
And as I grow outta sight, outta mind, I might go outta mine
Cause how do I, ever let this mic go without a fight
When I made a fuckin tightrope outta twine?
But when I do fall from these heights, though, Ill be fine
I wont pout or cry or spiral down or whine
But Ill decide if its my final bow this time around cause
I walk on water
But I aint no Jesus
I walk on water
But only when it freezes
Cause Im only human, just like you
I been making my mistakes, oh if you only knew
I dont think you should believe in me the way that you do
Cause Im terrified to let you down, oh
If I walked on water, I would drown
Cause Im just a man, but as long as I got a mic Im godlike
So me and you are not alike
Bitch, I wrote "Stan"
Songwriters: Beyonce Giselle Knowles / Marshall Mathers / Miguel Sijbers / Skylar Grey
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