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lyrics "Usher - Good Kisser"

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Artist express:Usher
Release year:2014

Make every minute worth it, baby
This for Usher, baby
Watch this

I done been around the world
I done kissed a lot of girls
So Im guessin that its true
Make me holla and I bet a million dollars
Dont nobody kiss it like you
Dont nobody kiss it like you
Dont nobody kiss it like you, bang, bang, bang
Dont nobody kiss it like you
Dont nobody kiss it like you

Verse 1:
Its 5 in the mornin
Kush is rollin while shes makin steak and eggs
At 5 in the mornin
We can only be about to do one thing (what?)

See, I told her
The devil is a lie
Them other girls cant compete with mine
You do it so good, you fuck my mind
You pull it out, then you open wide
You make me wanna tap out and retire
Your pretty lips leave me so inspired

Pre-Chorus 1:
I think that she a winner
She could be a keeper

Cause shes such a good kisser
Got lipstick on my leg
Oh, baby
Shes such a good kisser
Im a rain on this parade
Oh, baby

(Yes, let me tell you something)


Verse 2:
This girl, shes my hero
Get dinero, euros, pesos, francs and yen
(I aint wanna check off either)
Im starin at your barrel
Pull the trigger, chitty, chitty, bang, babe


Pre-Chorus 2:
I think I got a winner
Could be a keeper


Verse 3:
Listen, the only thing I know
You give it to me, baby, with good flow
Dont ever hold it back, come on, keep goin
Now give it to me, give it up to me, give it up to me
I cant keep my control
Every time that I see you hit that floor
Just keep on givin it to me, I want more
Now come on baby, just give it to me, give it up to me

Bridge x4:
Kiss it good, kiss it right
Keep it up, we be kissin all night


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