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lyrics "Usher - Can U Get Wit It "

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Artist express:Usher
Release year:1994

Every time I look at you
Theres so many thing that I want to do
I promise you when Im ready
Im gonna spend my whole life with you
What is love is it steady
Cause I dont know what to do
Tell me girl if youre ready
To do what we came to do
One day we could be together
Cause you know that I want to be down, baby
But right now we can all forget it
You know I gots to get around
I dont have much money, I cant buy a diamond ring
Im not tryin to be funny, but its only a sexual thing
Can you get wit it
Its like that
Its only a sexual thing
Can you get wit it
Its like that
Youre gonna love the joy I bring
Please forgive me cause I dont ever want rush you
I might sound a little hasty
But lets do what we came to do
You know that time is really precious
And you wasted a lot of mine
Im gonna have 2 keep on movin
If you cant make up your mind
One day we could be together
Cause you know that I want to be down
But right now we can all forget it
Cause you know I gots to get around
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