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lyrics "Usher - Call Me A Mack "

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Artist express:Usher
Release year:1993

Usher speaking
Whats sup?
My name is Usher,
You can trust there aint
No punks in this house,
And if U really wanna know what my name is
Just Call Me A Mack
Just call me the mack
Anytime baby,
Cause I aint confused
Usher singing
I maybe got some,
But I got a
Whole lot on manly in me
So Im afraid
That I cant complain (Huh, ha!)
I dont mind
If U wanna come by my crib
And chill,
But just be sure
That U call me first
Because the last girl that tried
To just be droppin on by (Oh, no)
Learned how to play a player
And do U know why,
Because the mack
Just Call Me A Mack
Cause I got it like that
U gotta play by the rules
Or Ill get back with U
Its a well known fact
That I got it like that
U gotta play by the rules
Just Call Me A Mack
Now, baby I aint dumb
And all those silly
Games that U play
I see right through
So let me kick it to yah (To yah!)
I dont have a lot of girls,
But I gotta know
Ill get the respect that I give
Thats just the way I live
Because the last girl
I had was moving
Things too fast (Slow down)
She tried to pull a fooler
And do U know
What had happened
Ushers Rap
The mack is right here
And yes I care as much
Just giving a little love
Its spreading everywhere
U see its
And here
Catch a feeling
Im having a little trouble
I know my girl will always
Hit it
Pit it
Like an orange
Cause it looks
Like numbness
My lovin and
And bitterness
My peeps keep
On stage
Im engaged
And yes
The truth is it
U see an
Ugly woman
U better change
Usher singing
Oh, yes
Like Ushers my name
I cant go changing
My ways (Oh, no)
As long as Im chillin
Then baby
U can call me the mack
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