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lyrics "Unknown Brain - MATAFAKA (Feat. Marvin Divine)"

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Artist express:Unknown Brain
Release year:2017

Uh, thank god that the brothers on the rise now
Endless celebrations, all at my house
Levitatin' now, I'm super duper fly now
Lemon boy but they see where I reside now
Put the time in while you always yellin' time now
Have to quit it 'cause I know I'm comin' with it
You were sittin', you were wishin'
I was handlin' my minutes, yeah
Now I got the ball like Harry Potter playin' quidditch
And my muscles so humongous your would think that Hagrid's in that
Ah man, I'm all bad, yeah I'm all bad
Workin' for that whip, is that what you call that?
I'ma blow up in the summer, have 'em yellin', "Fall back"
And I've always been ahead like an effin' ball cap
Man, I came in the game like, "Woah"
Gotta couple chains on me 'cause I like gold
They tell me I'm the best, and I tell them, "I know"
'Cause when I'm in your town every ticket I sold (ha)
Yeah, they sayin' I'm the man, facts bro (facts bro)
Lotta haters, tell me where they at though (where they at though)
I'm a new pop, all I do is rap, dog yah
Want me on your song? Throw a couple stacks, yo
Everybody wanna do the same thing, yo
That's why we ain't on the same page
Do my own thing, and I maintain
Flow like water so I'm going mainstream
I'm goin' mainstream
Flow like water so I'm going mainstream
Yeah, I'm going mainstream
Flow like water so I'm going mainstream
I'm goin' mainstream
Flow like water so I'm going mainstream
I'm goin' mainstream
Flow like water so I'm going mainstream
I'm goin mainstream
Flow like water so I'm going mainstream
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