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lyrics "U2- God Part II "

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Artist express:U2
Release year:1988

Dont believe the devil
I dont believe his book
But the truth is not the same
Without the lies he made up
Dont believe in excess
Success is to give
Dont believe in riches
But you should see where I live
I, I believe in love
Dont believe in forced entry
Dont believe in rape
But every time she passes by
Wild thoughts escape
I dont believe in death row
Skid row or the gangs
Dont believe in the Uzi
It just went off in my hand
I, I believe in love
Dont believe in cocaine
Got a speed-ball in my head
I could cut and crack you open
Do you hear what I said
Dont believe them when they tell me
There aint no cure
The rich stay healthy
While the sick stay poor
I, I believe in love
Dont believe in Goldman
His type like a curse
Instant karmas going to get him
If I dont get him first
Dont believe that rock n roll
Can really change the world
As it spins in revolution
It spirals and turns
I, I believe in love
Dont believe in the 60s
The golden age of pop
You glorify the past
When the future dries up
Heard a singer on the radio
late last night
He says hes gonna kick the darkness
Til it bleeds daylight
I, I believe in love
I feel like Im falling
Like Im spinning on a wheel
It always stops beside of me
With a presence I can feel
I, I believe in love
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