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lyrics "Two Less Lonely People In The World - Air Supply"

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Artist express:Air Supply
Release year:1982

I was down my dreams were wearing thin
When youre lost where do you begin
My heart always seemed to drift from day to day
Looking for the love that never came my way

Then you smiled and I reached out to you
I could tell you were lonely too
One look then it all began for you and me
The moment that we touched I knew that there would be

Two less lonely people in the world
And its gonna be fine
Out of all the people in the world
I just cant believe youre mine
In my life where everything was wrong
Something finally went right
Now theres two less lonely people
In the world tonight

Just to think what I might have missed
Looking back how did I exist
I dreamed, still I never thought Id come this far
But miracles come true, I know cause here we are

Tonight I fell in love with you
And all the things I never knew
Seemed to come to me somehow
Baby, love is here and now theres
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