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lyrics "twisted sister - leader of the pack "

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Artist express:Twisted Sister
Genre:Hard Rock
Release year:1982

Hey, is he really goin out with her?
There he is, lets ask him
Hey man, is that your ring shes wearin?
Uh, huh
Man, it must be great ridin with her
Are you pickin her up after school today?
Uh, huh
By the way whered you meet her
I met her at the candy store
She turned around and smiled at me
You get the picture?
Yeah, we see
Thats when she fell for
The leader of the pack
Her folks were always putting me down
They said I came from the wrong side of town
They told her that I was bad
But she knew I was sad
Thats why she fell for
The leader of the pack
One day her dad said find someone new
She had to tell me that we were through
I stood there and asked her why
But all she could do was cry
"Im sorry I hurt you"
The leader of the pack
She was so small as she kissed me goodbye
Her tears were beginning to show
And as she drove away on that rainy night
I begged her to go slow, if she heard Ill never know
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no
I felt so helpless, what could I do?
Remembering all the things wed been through
The gang they all stop and stare
I cant hide my tears but I dont care
Ill never forget her
Leader of the pack
Leader of the pack and now shes gone
Leader of the pack and now shes gone
Leader of the pack and now shes gone
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