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lyrics "Trypophobia - Ghost "

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Artist express:Wølf Puttery
Release year:2021

I hide; I hide, in iodine words
It's something inexplicable-
It's something unaccountable

I cry; I cry, when anything hurts.
Vexatious, my Amygdala,
that I can't do a thing about

The tricks and trivials of
every twenty-four
Maybe you could tone it down,
a little more

And I; and I; dunno
Oh, all I ever knew before
were clusters of holes!

An eye for an eye
That's how the game works
I'm losing my autonomy
A mutilated part of me

And I defy the way the game works
Between you and me,
it's only getting worse

From the mouth
of a cauterized rag doll leave him alone

From the mouth
of the cauterized rag doll
Throw the nails away
and leave him alone!

I don't know-
where the thoughts are coming from-
Pull my strings,
and swallow ichor

Fire burns-
and the rags are torn apart-
I can't inhale anymore.

'Cus all I've ever known are

Today something changed;
I figured it's true.
The frontal lobe placed me-
behind my own strings

'Cus I, defy, the way the game works
I'll say it again-
I'm only getting worse

The dull assumptions
that I've tasted decency.
Waiting for the embers
to lose their glow

And I and I dunno
Oh, all I've ever seen before
were clusters of holes!

Waiting for the world to burn..
Waiting for the holes to close, now...
Waiting for the world to burn..
Waiting for the holes to close, now...

I can't see-
the holes in my memories
The fire and I, alone again;
The guilt and I, alone again!

Say we take what had been torn apart-
Say we mend any patchwork discord-
Turning eyes to the trypo-puppeteer-
I can't exhale anymore.

So, one two three,
and we'll tie the tourniquet-
Pull my skin and swallow ichor.

Fire burns-
and the rags are torn apart-
I can't inhale anymore!

Day by day and day after day
I'm causing trouble anyway
Pull the fire alarm
I never meant any harm
Never meant any harm

Well, say my limbs are torn apart
and all the stuffing falls out
Let the toy wind down
It should've never been wound
I never meant any harm

Say we take what had been torn apart
Say we mend any patchwork discord
Turning eyes to the trypo-puppeteer
Waiting for the world to burn

So, one two three,
and we'll tie the tourniquet
Larvae eating away at everything

Word goes 'round,
I'm the trypo-puppeteer
Laugh along, I'm spreading holes

Now I know
this has always been my fault
and I can't inhale anymoreI
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