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lyrics "Travis Scott - 90210 ft. Kacy Hill "

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Artist express:Travis Scott, Kacy Hill
Release year:2015

Mhm, ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh
Mamas bailing down that road, craving 90210
She a porn star girl, oh, from the valley (honestly God bless)
Who left her hometown world all for that alley
Oh, created Lake Tahoe all from her panties
(I hope it was wet like my jumper, though)
Ooh, used to take the long way home, long way home, all for that candy
Babys hooked on feeling low
Do, do, do
Do, doo
Jacques turn La Flame, now he rolling on an Addy
Fifty on a chain, nother fifty on a Caddy, oh
He might pop him a pill, pop him a seal, pop anyone
Pop anything, pop anything to find an alley
Hmm, yeah, then find an alley
Babys hooked on feeling low
Do, do, do
Do, doo
In the 90210, 90210, looking for that alley
In the 90210, 90210, looking for that alley, ooh
Its the superstar girl (babys hooked on feeling low)
Superstar girl, roaming in that alley
In the 90210, 90210, somewhere in that alley
My granny called, she said "Travie, you work too hard
Im worried youll forget about me"
Im falling in and out of cars, dont worry, Ima get it, granny
What happened? now my daddy happy, mama called me up
That money coming and she love me, I done made it now
I done found lifes meaning now, all them her heartd break
Her heart not pieces now, friends turning into fraud niggas
Practicing, have the passion, you niggas packaged different
All you niggas, you niggas want the swag, you cant have it
Ima sell it, you niggas salary bout to cap, bitch
Youngest nigga outta Houston at the Grammys
Smiling at em laughing at me
I passed the rock to Ye, he pump faked and passed it back, bitch
All of this off of rapping, shouldve wrote this in Latin
Mmm, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know
I know, I know, I know, I know, I know
Cuzzo said we in the store, yeah, we bout to drop a 4
He pass the cigarette, I choke
Tell my auntie put them Ports down, them Ports down
Now you know you love your own now
Hit the stage, they got their hands up, dont put your nose down
I aint knockin a nigga, I knocked the door down, for sure now
Hardcore, I swear they counting on me
Gold chains, gold rings, I got an island on me
Houses on me, he got them ounces on him
Holy father, come save these niggas, Im styling on em
Good lord, I see my good fortune in all these horses
Im driving too fast to stop, so all these signs, I ignore them
Distant sky, from north of the border, my chips is in order
My moms biggest supporter so now niggas support a nigga
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