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lyrics "Tory Lanez - Watch For Your Soul "

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Artist express:Tory Lanez
Release year:2019

If I die before I wake up, pray the Lord my soul to take
Repent for my sins and meet him at the golden gate
Lost some of my dawgs, so in my heart, man, its this frozen place
Gotta watch for your soul, man, you could go today

Oh my dawg, Im finna meet you at them golden gates
We sat together like a pair of fucking roller skates
Ridin around inside that Civic with the stolen plates
They got a nigga feeling colder than the frozen lakes
Fell on my knees with all the Gs, man, it aint no complaints
Gotta keep it real, dawg, never would you squeal, dawg
Fuck the frenemies and the enemies, this was my real dawg
See, even if you six feet deep, my nigga, youre still squad
And Im finna hold your place when I see your daughter face
I wish I could re-wrote all them dates and have some soldiers placed
Even if it was on my time, Id make them hold they place
Lord knows I aint condoning, but they be shooting like its Golden State
I got so much pain in what I used to call a golden place
Sip my liquor straight, cause when I sip, man, I cant cope with chase
Man, I lost my dawg, I lost my squad, I lost my fam, dawg
How many streets that Im thuggin in, I tryna get bam, dawg
When you were scamming, dawg, you were get the lemon flaws
We was both abandoned, we was trapping out of bandis, dawg
Thought that he could scam it all, but they gave him a headshot
Know that when you livin you gon die by that red dot
Cops are like some fire ants, so we was ducking red hots
Twistin on them blocks, have been in this locker like it was dreadlocks
And I miss my dawg, was fighting fed shots
I cant believe this life done brought you to a dead stop
We were fighting fed cases, counting up these dead faces
Talking about this money we finna invest, cause the next year was pacient
Never had no scared face, you was ten toes down
Right behind a nigga when I was down with ten fours round
When them niggas surround you, see whos around you, thats how it goes down
You was in a cold town, they caught you when you was slowed down
Prayin five times a day, just tryin to spill my soul out
Posed be with me on tour days, cause everything is sold out, nah, nah, nah
I wish I could snug one more time with my nigga
Hit the corner, jump one more time with my nigga
Wish I could get it jumpin one more time with my nigga
I think about you everyday, yeah, I gotchu

If I die before I wake up, pray the Lord my soul to take
Repent for my sins and meet him at the golden gate
Lost some of my dawgs, so in my heart, man, its this frozen place
Gotta watch for your soul, man, you could go today
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