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lyrics "TOO SHORT - Blow The Whistle"

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Artist express:Too Short
Genre:Hip hop
Release year:2006

[Verse 1]
I go on and on
Can't understand how I last so long
I must have super powers
Rap 225 thousand hours
Get it calculated, do the math
I made 1,000 songs that made you move your ass
And for the last 300 months
I made 16 albums with me on the front and they bump
Where you get your beats?
I heard 93 rappers say bitch like me
2 singers and 10 comedians
And I'm still gon' yell it every time you see me in
What's my favorite word?
Why they gotta say it like $hort?
You know they can't play on my court
Can't hang with the big dogs
Stay on the porch

Blow the whistle
Blow the whistle
Blow the whistle
Blow the whistle
[Verse 2]
Where you get that from?
Grab the mic, spit one, let me hit that blunt
Pimp-C, 8-Ball, and MJG
Keep spittin' that P to the I-M-P
Bun-B, that's Texas, baby
Ball and G, that's Memphis, baby
$hort Dog, that's Oakland, baby
Ain't nothin' but pimpin' these days, G
My nigga C got locked up
But these real hoes still know they gots to fuck
Give a fuck nigga what you say
$hort Dog fuck with UGK
Do you really wanna be like me?
Spit game like Snoop and T.I.P
Pretty girls in the VIP
They came with Dre... they don't need ID

Blow the whistle
Blow the whistle
Blow the whistle
Blow the whistle

[Verse 3]
Your mind is gone
Your brain is blazed
You've been wide awake for the last 3 days
Poppin' pills
It goes down for real
Don't stop, just keep rollin' down hill
Crash and burn, can't stand, fall back
You're doin' too much, you can't handle all that
Man, it's been way too long
Time to let the whole world play your songs
Like me, my shit gets around
Leave the country, come back, and hit The Town
I'm in Miami, New York, and ATL
Houston and LA, ask Dave Chappelle about my rich bitch
He got it from me
And made 50 million dollars
I'm proud of you D
But I'm crazy you don't wanna be like me
I come from East Oakland where the youngstas get hyphy
Blow it!
Blow the whistle
Blow the whistle
Blow the whistle


Too $hort
Up All Night, baby
Album number 16
Y'all can't fuck wit that
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