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lyrics "TobyMac - Help Is On The Way"

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Artist express:TobyMac
Release year:2021

I heard your heart
I see your pain
Out in the dark
Out in the rain
Feel so alone
Feel so afraid
I heard you pray in Jesus’ name

It may be midnight or mid-day
Never early, never late
He gon’ stand by what He claim
I’ve lived enough life to say

Help is on the way
(Roundin’the corner)
Help is on the way
(Comin’ for ya)
Help is on the way
(Yeah, yeah)
I’ve lived enough life to say
Help is on the way

Sometimes it’s days
Sometimes it’s years
Some face a lifetime
Of falling tears
But He’s in the darkness
He’s in the cold
Just like the morning
He always shows

Well I’ve seen my share of troubles
But the Lord ain’t failed me yet
So I’m holding onto the promise y’all
That He’s rolling up His sleeves again

Rolling up, rolling up
Rolling up His sleeves again
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