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lyrics "tobi lou - 2hrs"

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Artist express:Tobi Lou
Release year:2020

I just spent two hours, I just spent two hours cryin'
I just spent two hours
Wait, two hours?
I just spent two hours (two hours)
I just spent two hours cryin' but how could you know that?
When all you see is me smilin' like I work for Colgate
Little things hit like a giant
Lonely, I feel like dyin'
But you know I can't stop tryin', I hope you know that
This shit been so fuckin' crazy, I'm up in my throwback
Just 'cause you posted a picture it don't make you pro black (ooh)
Can't you see that I'm just tired? Roll one up, now I'm just flyin'
When I see over horizons, don't make me go back
It's gettin' hard to hold back (hold back, ooh)
It's gettin' hard to hold back
It's gettin' hard to hold back these tears (yeah, yes)
It's gettin' hard to hold back (hold back, ooh)
It's gettin' hard to hold back
It's gettin' hard to hold back these tears
Two hours, two hours
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