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lyrics "timmies - i know you so well "

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Artist express:Timmies
Release year:2019

Lonely Boy Clique

Shiloh Dynasty
I know you so well, so well
I mean I can do anything that he can

Lil Izak
I know you somewhere, out there
Darling I know he hurt you, girl Im here

I know you somewhere, out there
Darling I know I hurt you, but hes there

Im in pain
Wanna put ten shots in my brain
Never realized how much I needed you
Until you left me here broken
Left me here choking
On the words I left unspoken
Yeah I need you here now
I need you in my bed
I need you out my fucking head
Need you here instead of
Depression and anxiety
Its the way I try to see
Yeah everyone annoying me
But youre my fuckin remedy
Youre my Lil Kennedy
Youre my fucking remedy

I been feelin pain
I been feelin pain, oh woah

Ive been feeling pain
In my brain, woah woah

Im clinically insane
Wanna kill my brain, woah woah

I been feelin pain
In my brain, suicide
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