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lyrics "timmies - before it's too late "

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Artist express:Timmies

Before Its Too Late
By Studrique
Prod. by Mayor


Examine yourself to see whether you are in the faith
Heres a list of false religious hopes. Lets go


Being born into a Christian family
Born not from blood but from God
Dont get caught in a facade
Have your own faith dont be so odd
Joining a weekly bible study
Dont join a squad callously
Join for the fun community
Or youll end up another casualty
Being baptized and joining a church
You need to repent & believe first
Having intellectual understanding
Of the gospel make your beliefs canon
Serving in a church evangelizing
Do it out of love patronizing
Being blessed doesnt equate conversion
Its perversion to think its your self worthiness
Moral reformation
Giving up vices aint conversion
Having Facebook views religious
Dont make somebody a Christian
Having answers to your prayers
Listening to online radical preachers
Or listening to Christian rhyme sayers
Better learn a lesson from your pastors
Having an experience whether joy or conviction
Dont matter less its based on the crucifixion
Parable of the sower dont be the second soil
Make sure your foundation is solid
Being healed dont make you Christlike
There are sins you gotta deal with
One of the ten lepers came back
Read the account in Luke fore you attack
Having a vision or angelic encounter
Or having a dream with super powers
Or singing in a church choir
Aint the same as conversion its counterfeit
Legalism law keeping
Dont go for it trust me
Fulfill the law wasnt Gods meaning
Christ does it for us on the tree
Justified by the law youll get wrecked
To do it youd have to be perfect
The law would protect but now that Christ is up
Were saved through His resurrection
Having tongues or prophecy
Healing helping the likes you see
You might be partakers of the spirit
But that shouldnt show you have the Holy Spirit
Sinners prayer signing cards
Walking aisles raising hands
To believe it is hard
Hoping you understand
Decisional regeneration
Aint the same as regeneration
Someone telling you youre saved dont make you saved
A man shouldnt usurp the Holys Spirit place
In convicting witnessing to the individual
Dont get so caught up delusional
The only thing that matters is the finished work of Christ
Make sure you have it in your life
Trust in Him today
Hope you have faith before its too little too late
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