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lyrics "Thinking 2 Much - Jeremy Zucker"

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Artist express:Jeremy Zucker
Release year:2018

I was unimportant
You were just a friend
No one even noticed
We were just pretend
But, oh God, this sucks
Always, youre thinking too much, baby
Slow down
Realize theres more here for you
I was on the border
You were choosing sides
Kiss me in the morning
Miss me in the night
But, oh God, we suck
Always, were thinking too much, baby
Slow down
Realize theres more here for you
(Youre thinking too much, baby)
(Youre thinking too much, baby)
(Slow down)
(Take time)
(Youre always thinking too much, baby)
(Slow down, realize, yeah, realize, yeah)
All light is fading
But you look amazing
And my mind is racing
Were all losing patience
I might as well fake it
Since acting is your favorite
Though this was vacation
I wont keep you waiting
You run a forest as the sunrise
Cutting down, come down
Two down in one try
One to go fore it burns out
(And my mind is racing)
Past blows, but its sun drench
Past turns in the summer bent
(Were all losing patience)
Seems less when you know better
Better off for it
(I might as well fake it)
Star skies like a road map
The second I thought, not sure of it
(Since actings your favorite)
At some point, itll come back
Just dont wait for it
(Though this was vacation)
At some point, itll come back
Just dont wait for it
(I wont keep you waiting)
Wont keep you waiting no more
(Whatre you doing)
Youre thinking too much, baby
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