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lyrics "The Woman I Love - Jason Mraz"

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Artist express:Jason Mraz
Release year:2012

Maybe I annoy you with my choices
Well, you annoy me sometimes too with your voice
But that aint enough for me
To move out and move on
Im just gonna love you like the woman I love

We dont have to hurry
You can take as long as you want
Im holdin steady
My hearts at home
With my hand behind you
I will catch you if you fall
Yeah Im gonna love you like the woman I love

Sometimes the world can make you feel
Youre not welcome anymore
And you beat yourself up
You let yourself gettin mad
And in those times when you stop lovin
That person I adore
You could relax
Because, babe, I got your back

No, I dont wish to change you
Youve got it under control
You wake up each day different
Another reason for me to keep holdin on
Im not attached to any way youre showing up
Im just gonna love you like the woman I love
Yeah Im gonna love you
Yeah Im gonna love you
Cause youre the woman I love
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