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lyrics "The Way - Clay Aiken"

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Artist express:Clay Aiken
Release year:2003

Theres something bout the way you look tonight
Theres something bout the way that i cant take my eyes off you.
Theres something bout the way your lips invite
Maybe its the way that i get nervous when your around.
And I want you to be mine
and if u need a reason why,

Its in the way that you move me
and the way that you tease me
the way that I want you tonight
Its in the way that you hold me
and the way that you know me
when I cant find the right words to say,
You feel it in the way, you feel it in the way.

Theres something bout how you stay on my mind
Theres something bout the way that I whisper your name when Im asleep Oh girl
Maybe its the look you get in your eyes.
Oh baby its the way that makes me feel to see you smile.
And the reasons they may change
but what im feeling stays the same.


I cant put my fingers on just what it is that makes me love you, you baby.
So dont ask me to describe, I get all choked up inside, just thinking bout the way.


Theres something bout the way you look tonight.
Theres nothing more to say then, I feel it in the way.
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