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lyrics "The Little Mermaid | Kiss the Girl | Disney Sing Along"

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Artist express:Samuel E. Wright
Release year:1991

Song from The Little Mermaid
There you see her
Sitting there across the way
She don’t got a lot to say
But there’s something about her
And you don’t know why
But you’re dying to try
You wanna kiss the girl
Yes, you want her
Look at her, you know you do
It’s possible she wants you, too
There is one way to ask her
It don’t take a word
Not a single word
Go on and kiss the girl
Sing with me now
My, oh, my
Look at the boy too shy
He ain’t gonna kiss the girl
Ain’t that sad
Ain’t it shame, too bad
You gonna miss the girl
Now’s your moment
Floating in a blue lagoon
Boy, you better do it soon
No time will be better
She don’t say a word
And she won’t say a word
Until you kiss the girl
Don’t be scared
You got the mood prepared
Go on and kiss the girl
Don’t stop now
Don’t try to hide it how
You wanna kiss the girl
Float along
Listen to the song
The song say kiss the girl
Music play
Do what the music say
You wanna kiss the girl
You’ve got to kiss the girl
Why don’t you kiss the girl
You gotta kiss the girl
Go on and kiss the girl
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