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lyrics "The Greatest Showman Cast - The Other Side"

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Artist express:Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron
Release year:2017

Right here, right now
I put the offer out
I dont want to chase you down
I know you see it
You run with me
And I can cut you free
Out of the drudgery and walls you keep in
So trade that typical for something colorful
And if its crazy, live a little crazy
You can play it sensible, a king of conventional
Or you can risk it all and see
Dont you wanna get away from the same old part you gotta play
Cause I got what you need, so come with me and take the ride
Itll take you to the other side
Cause you can do like you do
Or you can do like me
Stay in the cage, or youll finally take the key
Oh, damn! Suddenly youre free to fly
Itll take you to the other side
Okay, my friend, you want to cut me in
Well I hate to tell you, but it just wont happen
So thanks, but no
I think Im good to go
Cause I quite enjoy the life you say Im trapped in
Now I admire you, and that whole show you do
Youre onto something, really its something
But I live among the swells, and we dont pick up peanut shells
Ill have to leave that up to you
Dont you know that Im okay with this uptown part I get to play
Cause I got what I need and I dont want to take the ride
I dont need to see the other side
So go and do like you do
Im good to do like me
Aint in a cage, so I dont need to take the key
Oh, damn! Cant you see Im doing fine
I dont need to see the other side
Now is this really how you like to spend your days?
Whiskey and misery, and parties and plays
If I were mixed up with you, Id be the talk of the town
Disgraced and disowned, another one of the clowns
But you would finally live a little, finally laugh a little
Just let me give you the freedom to dream
And itll wake you up and cure your aching
Take your walls and start em breaking
Now thats a deal that seems worth taking
But I guess Ill leave that up to you
Well its intriguing, but to go would cost me greatly
So what percentage of the show would I be taking?
Fair enough, youd want a piece of all the action
Id give you seven, we could shake and make it happen
I wasnt born this morning, eighteen would be just fine
Why not just go ahead and ask for nickels on the dime
Id do eight
Maybe nine
Dont you wanna get away to a whole new part youre gonna play
Cause I got what you need, so come with me and take the ride
To the other side
So if you do like I do
So if you do like me
Forget the cage, cause we know how to make the key
Oh, damn! Suddenly were free to fly
Were going to the other side
So if you do like I do
(To the other side)
So if you do like me
(Were going to the other side)
Cause if we do were going to the other side
Were going to the other side
Songwriters: Justin Paul / Benj Pasek
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