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lyrics "Terraform - Novo Amor , Ed Tullett"

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Artist express:Ed Tullett, Novo Amor
Release year:2017

Finally made to go
Fighting a stranglehold
Tear me from it
Fears were manifold
Terraform it
I was an embryo
It might be a little while, but
Maybe well realign soon
Made to reassign, but
Find me a little time too!
Half euphoric
Fixing the ratios
Teleport me
Ive been pushing the envelope
All ironic
Given the way she slowed
Youre iconic
Given the way you froze
It might be a little while, but
Maybe well realign soon
Made to reassign, but
Find me a little time too!
Find me a little time, call me out
Stay platonic
Ill find a chaperone
Wait around
Forget mnemonics
Ill regret it years ago
Spare me all the ceremony
Dialling in all your pheromones
To cite a life in histrionics!
The way you left was apropos
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