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lyrics "Tee Grizzley - Had To "

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Artist express:Tee Grizzley
Release year:2019

They just know I ran it up, they dont know what I been through
Night time, bro speedin, I was out the window
Thats a scary sight
You gon get buried probably
Demons talking to me while Im shooting, like, "Hit everybody"
Aint shit to hide but I want the car tinted
I want the crib behind tall trees and fences
Have you ever had to kill one of your friends?
Cause the shit that he was on was coming between the plans
Cant just cut him off cause he know too much about you
Sent a prayer up, dont worry about your kids and your momma, I got em
Then you gotta walk past the casket
Remembering how hard he hit the wall when you blast
To remembering how sad he sounded knowing he through
Seeing shock and just disbelief in his eyes cause it was you
I had to
My nigga, I had to, ay
Have you ever played roles with a bitch?
And that hit went too far
You done made this bitch kids and you know that she in love
You tell her, shit like, "She stuck"
But you know that everything gon change after you fuck?
But you couldnt reveal your true intentions
She aint the typa bitch that just let a nigga hit her
But fuck that, I got to
Baby girl, I got you
Let me beat it while you smile and hold you when you cry, too
Anything you need, let me know, and Ill spot you
Hoping she dont really ask you though, because its not true
You fell victim to my lust, my bad, boo
But you so cold and so thick, bitch, I had too
Only had two-fifty in the bank
But ice and them jewelers steady callin my name
They want ninety for the charm, eighty for the Cuban
Im just knowin it gon kill me but I gotta do it
Tryna make myself feel better like maybe its gon motivate me
Maybe when they see me with it, they gon know I made it
I went and got it, that shit aint no nothing for me, jack
And its a custom piece, so I cant get no money back
I just thought I had to
Fuck that shit I thought I had to do
I just thought I had to
Fuck that shit I thought I had to do
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