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lyrics "Tee Grizzley - Grizzley Gang "

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Artist express:Tee Grizzley
Release year:2017

Gang in this bitch we got them sticks in here
If being a real nigga was a job alotta of yall niggas would be unemployed

Hov told me quit puttin that money to my ear
I gotta get used to this shit Im just not gettin here
Dropped ice cream Wraith and it aint been a year
Ever since I hit his bitch that nigga been in tears
Man, nigga rest up Mal they said it was my fault but I never called for help
Damn, nigga rest up pops
I wish I woulda been the one blowin back at the opps
Lil bro if I get killed dont cry
But before you turn up for me somebody gotta get dropped
If you get killed I cant help it but to cry
They gon think Im ice skatin every corner Ima slide
Nigga, gang in this bitch we got them sticks in here
Watch who you bump my nigga well split your shit in here
Bro, matter fact just get the hoes and we gon dip from here
Cause niggas testifying on me thats my biggest fear
Cant even eat with these niggas
Cause I done seen them real life sneakdissin nigga
Then see em on they page next week with the nigga
Same nigga they was talkin bout, boy you cant come around
Bitch you cant even get the line, hit the E-Mail
Used to fuck with dawg, he got to actin like a female
When I was fucking with him he was looking like Big Worm
Cut that nigga off, now he Ezal
Niggas sayin free they mans, shit be killin me
You aint put nothing on his lawyer, how you want them free?
Sayin RIP they mans, shit be killin me
You aint do shit to the niggas that put them on the T
After awards a lotta stars in the place
I left early, I rather be with the stars in the Wraith
Why you carry all that money, get a card from the bank
I had it hard this motivation, I need this shit in my face
From the yard with the shank to hit song out the gate
Got the money, got the fame that nigga still didnt change
For these chains around my neck I worked my ass off, serious
Niggas stare to long, take his head off, period
What you think a bitchll do for 30K, Im curious
VS in the Rollie boy that shit beyond ridiculous
Why you tell that hoe you had some money, boy you tricked at her
We be laughin when they say they shooters cause it tickle us
Bitch, I was just broke layin in the bunk
Now I can make 200 thousand in a month
If I fall off, hit your pockets, nigga give it up
Without the pistol cause you sweeter than a cinnabon
Told my nigga right now, I cant give you none
Let me triple this shit up then we gon split it up
Walk up on these niggas when I hit em up
? up, then take off runnin thats a hit and run
Nigga, gang in this bitch we got them straps in here
Aint even gotta up the pipe, beat you death in here
They got they cameras out before I even step in there
Ill put 30 on his baby, dont think Steph in there
Nigga, gang in this bitch we got them pipes in here
Try show off for these hoes, lose your life in here
I came home 2016 had a light year
Real niggas winnin thats a fake nigga nightmare
Makin pictures with your bitch on my Snapchat
Ex feelin so the stick I cant snap that
I need that new Phantom next, I cant backtrack
Just got off the phone with my plug, he like catch that
Better than the last batch, touch me thats your last act
Run through em like fasttrack
Chokin on that racepack, chokin on that jockpack
All I smoke is opp pack
We dont send no bomb threats, you know where my block at, bitch
I hate when niggas try to act hard
Like gettin a bitch to line em up is really that hard
I got famous nigga but I still got heart
Before this rap shit, I was layin at niggas backyard
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