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lyrics "Tee Grizzley - Activated"

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Artist express:Activated
Release year:2018

Look at the bottom, I had to make it, I had to
Came with a record deal, I had to touch it, I had to
All the jealousy it got activated (outta no where)
All the fake love it got activated
Got some people, they really my kin dont feel like we family though
Then I got some people, they only my friends and feel like we family though
Whenever its time to stick to the plan
I know how to handle it most (I got it)
Vanish the foes and cancel the hoes
Just so I could manage to go
Deactivated and Ima do me, I am not goin on E
You know Im out in these streets but let me not eat
Im robbin these niggas thats out here on fleek
And thats on my OG
One thing I learned from these suckers
These niggas dont be your brothers
These bitches dont even love you
Better keep your circle small
Cause that loyalty is a bad motherfucker
That loyalty, that bitch a bad motherfucker
I caught my sister stealing out my pockets
It aint your fault if I dont trust you
I can still get five years for the pistol
Aint no way around it, Im clutchin
If Im ever threatened, if Im disrespected
Aint no way around it, Im bustin
I got some people, we got different blood
They wanna see me in a Ghost (Rolls-Royce)
And I got some people, we got the same blood
They wanna see me as a ghost (Dead)
Thats why Im doin the most, playin my role
Better tuck your bitch, Im at niggas hoes
Thick spread, all blue faces
I dont need dubs to make it look long
Dreadhead but Im a city nigga
If Im pussy, then Biggie living
Wont fuck just an bitch
Annihilate this bitch, blow at any nigga
Date day with the belly spray
And its really gold, I aint going different
Should invest into funeral homes
Cause these bitches dyin just to fuck with us (she did)
Bro said the last bag was garbage (garbage)
So I paid him back out of respect (here you go)
Stand up, nigga, if I fuck with you
Its 100 brah, I dont finesse (100)
When I aint fuck with niggas, it was all blood
Laugh, cry with him, for cuz
His loyalty aint where I need it at
So its a shame I cant even call Dub
I like to call baby, like whats the word?
Chillin, I aint on shit tonight
She gonna come through, get me right
And Ima crash through it like she ran the light
Well, I gotta go before I miss this flight (Im gone)
So Im tryna get up (get up)
Im like a kid before Christmas night
Who aint never had none in his life, like
This really my life with zero exaggeration
Some niggas just elevated
Got me feelin activated
Lost a lot in them cells and cages
But held on to my dedication
The money got me fascinated
Saw that shit and got activated
Saw the money and got activated
Saw the money and got activated
Saw that money and got activated
I saw that money and got activated
Canada Goose keep me warm in my cold city (Detroit)
I got a pole with me, Glock cost 450
Your bitch blow wit me (shes drunk)
Took my soul with her (suck it)
They got they hand out (what?)
I dont even know niggas
For testing the game?
Im testing my aim
If I die today, I got a M to my name
In 2015, aint have a stack to my name (broke)
Cuz let me starve, sent him a pic in a new Mulsanne
Tell him I saw the money and got activated
Saw the money and got activated
Saw that money and got activated
I saw that money and got activated
Saw the money and got activated
Saw the money and got activated
I saw that money and got activated
I saw that money and got activated
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