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lyrics "Taio Cruz - Run To You "

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Artist express:Taio Cruz
Release year:2010

Whenever Im left in the cold
Whenever theres pain in my soul
Whenever Im losing controlAnd I feel like Im all alone
Whenever Im lost and confused
Whenever its hard to break through
The only thing left I can do is runAnd I
I run to you, always
I run to you, always

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Whenever I think of your face
When everythings going my way
And Im having one of those days
When everything falls into placeYouve always been right by my side
And I trust you with all of my life
If youre ever in need of me
I, oh I, will run, oh yeahCause I run to you, always
And I run to you, alwaysOh, oh, oh
I run to you
I run to you
I run to you

Always, always
I run to you always
I run to you always, oh
I said, I run to you always, oh
I run to you, always, always
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