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lyrics "Syko - #BrooklynBloodPop​!"

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Artist express:SYKO
Release year:2021

Pop, pop, pop, pop
Blood, blood, blood, blood, blood
Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop
Blood, blood, blood, blood, blood
Cover fire
I need a rumor
You're a school shooter
A problematic desire
I'm just a gun with the hire
Pop your skull and your tires
I want your feeling and everything in your fiber
Uh, uh, uh, uh
And I'm popping bubblegum
Yeah, I feel you on my tongue
Lick across the clip of my gun
Am I, am I in love
Or am I off the drugs?
Your girl say I fuck like a thug
She want kisses over blunts
Let the chains hit her face
Gunshots feel like a blade
Swerve the car, make me race
Suicide's a mistake
Snipers chill with barretts
Push you off of the edge
Throwing knife, like, pick your fight
Pussy boy, I wanna see my bride
I feel like Xzibit 'cause I pimp my ride
Yeah, bitch, just want you to pick up your side
Thoughts contrived, yeah, baby
I can never do right in your mind
It's just so hard to stay attached to this world
Love you like matter
MP5 like scatter
Blunts just leaves me staggered
Got 12 on me
Won't let me be
Got gummy worms stuck in my teeth
I seen her face, I'm that OG
Grapple tape on my SMG
Talk, talk, talk but you won't beat me
Cover fire
I need a rumor
I'm just cooler
All right, IG
I had a, had a hard workout today but
I'll see y'all later
What's up, boy?
(Pop, pop, pop, pop)
(Blood, blood, blood, blood, blood)
(Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop)
(Blood, blood, blood, blood, blood)
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