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lyrics "Swae Lee - Sextasy"

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Artist express:Swae Lee
Release year:2019

Oh, oh oh oh
You won't need me luckily
Oh girl
(Mike WiLL Made It)
You're not taking tonight luckily
Let me save you like a refugee
Let me give you sextasy
Don't let me be ya memory
I've got the drank and a remedy
I know you'd be so intimate with me
Intimate with me couldn't wait
I know you're ready for my embrace
I think you're ready for love's embrace
And you can't please everyone
You're coming out in the dark
But what is it you wish to find?
Just let me ease your mind
They criticized us, just ease your mind
Is it mine? We'll find out in due time
I've been searching near and far
I don't care where my old one ends up
I know you're ready for what's to come
I get enough for both of us
Oh and I hope you stay relevant
Passed like a bird so heavenly
Oh, gave you nights that I can't take back
Oh, and I won't regret and I won't forget
And I won't for- and I can't forget
I was creeping with the restless
You can't pay for the vibe you get
Say that you won't work against me
Time to leave you with the rest of them
Lipstick matching, magenta
I had a simple agenda
And we connect immediately
And I need more time to give you everything
I need your love on repeat
To rescue me from myself when I fear my heart
Take my soul then lose my number
In a dream, we'll never be apart
I was scarred when I lost my star
But if you cried with somebody, be concerned
Come with me, I can't do you no harm
Fuck with me, bae I mean you no harm
Have you smile, blushin' all the way home
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