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lyrics "Summer Walker - Girls Need Love"

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Artist express:Summer Walker
Release year:2018

Honestly, Im tryna stay focused
You must think Ive got to be joking when I say
I dont think I can wait
I just need it now
Better swing my way
I just need some dick
I just need some love
Tired of fucking with these lame niggas baby
I just need a thug
Wont you be my plug aye
You could be the one aye
We could start with a handshake baby
Ima need more than a hug
Girls cant never say they want it
Girls cant never say how
Girls cant never say they need it
Girls cant never say now
Girls cant never say they want it
Girls cant never say how
Girls cant never say they need it
Girls cant never say now oh now
Give it to me like you need it, baby
Want you to hear me screaming, heavy breathing
I dont need a reason baby
I wanna take and find
I can give it to you right babe oh
I wanna be your healing
I can be real good
Please dont get in your feelings
Aye, I need some love
Aye, I need some love
Aye, I need some love
Aye, and you cant judge
Girls need love too (yeah)
Girls, girls need love too
Girls need love (let me tell you something)
Girls need love (girls need loving too)
Girls need love too
Girls need love too (So whats a girl to do)
Girls need love too (When she needs loving too)
Girls, girls need love too
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