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lyrics "Stronger Than You - Sans Battle"

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Artist express:Sans Battle
Release year:2015

Its a beautiful day outside.
Birds are singing, flowers are blooming...
On days like these, kids like you...
Should be burning in hell.

Verse 1
Turn around kid, itd be a crime,
If I had to go back on the promise that I made for you,
so dont step over that line,
Or else, friend, youre gonna have a bad time.

But kids like you dont play by the rules,
And guys like me,
it aint easy to be played for fools,
So lets go, let the room get chiller...


Go ahead and try to hit me if youre able,
Guess youve figured now that mercys off the table.
I can tell youre getting really sick of trying,
But I think youre just mad you keep dying.

Youre not gonna win, well be here together,
Fighting in this judgement hall forever.
I know you just reset each time I beat ya,
But Ill always be right back here to meet ya.

I know youre made of
Lo-o-o-o-ooove, lo-o-o-o-oove, lo-o-o-o-ooove. (x2)


Verse 2
This is where it stops,
This is where it ends.
If you want to get past me,
Well, you better try again.

But no matter how I stall you,
You dont give up your attack.
Do you just like the feeling
Of your sins CRAWLING on your back?

Go ahead and try to hit me if youre able.
You should know by now that mercys off the table.
Think that you can try to spare me like Im some pawn?
Well, you didnt spare my brother, so GET DUNKED ON!

I know you made my friends all disappear,
But everything they cared about is why Im here.
I am their mercy, I am their vengeance,

I know youre made of
Lo-o-o-o-ooove, lo-o-o-o-oove, lo-o-o-o-ooove.

But I think Im stronger than you.
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