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lyrics "Stay - Lionel Richie"

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Artist express:Lionel Richie
Release year:1998

Are you sad
Or just a little lonely
I can see something
Deep in your eyes
Do you walk away
Or do you come closer
Are you looking for romance
Or just a surprise

(Stay for the night)
For the night
(Baby wont you play with me)
Wont you play with me

Dont wanna play no games
Dont wanna put you through changes
All I wanna know is girl
Whats on your mind
DO you think about me
The way I think about you
Dont wanna rush this thing
I wanna take my time

Stay for the night
Baby wont you play with me
Stay for the night
Get away with me

Come let me in
Come on let me show you
What youve been missing
What youve been looking for
I know what you want
I know what youve been feeling
All you gotta do girl
Is just let me go

Stay for the night, stay for the night baby
Baby wont you play with me, wont you play with me
Stay for the night, stay for the night
Get away with me, get away with me

Yknow that I love you
Yknow that Im the only one for you
Let me give you what you need
Come on stay with me
Girl let me have you
Let me do what I want to do with you baby
I promise that Ill do you good
I wanna touch you
I wanna hold you baby
I wanna squeeze you all night
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