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lyrics "STAY CALM - FNaF Song by Griffinilla"

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Artist express:Griffinilla
Release year:2015

There's a shadow on the wall
Stay calm, stay calm
There's a figure in the hall
Stay calm, stay calm
Keeps my wits and stay alive
Wish I had a 9 to 5
There's a stranger in us all
Stay calm, stay calm
Every hair is on it's end
That's fine, I'm fine
Feeling my adrenaline
That's fine, I'm fine
I can keep away the creeps
Safely from my swivel seat
Something's crawling through the vent
That's fine... uh-oh
There's a ghost in the machine
Stay calm, stay calm
They are watching through the screen
Stay calm, stay calm
They just might drive me crazy
Hit me!
Hey kids it's nice to ' eetcha'
Are you ready for some Fazbear pizza?
Who's this working at the night shift?
I don't know but, I don't think I like him
He's so cute! I can feel his heart racing
About time we had a brand new plaything
Another yellow belly balking like a chicken
Listen gang I say that we dig in
They are slowly closing in
Stay calm, stay calm
Find an inner strength within
Stay calm, stay calm
If I've learned one thing it's that
Don't respond to craigslists ads
I can see their second skin
Stay calm, stay calm
In the end there's only me
All right, all right
Morning sun will set me free
All right, all right
I spent five nights at Freddy's
Hit me!
Hey, where did our new friend go?
Don't worry, he'll be back again tomorrow
So, uh, does he not go to the bathroom
Or does he just hold it in all night?
Aye, he pees into a cup
I've seen him do it with me own eye
We were both just staring at each other
It was extremely awkward
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