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lyrics "Starlight - Jida"

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Artist express:Jida, Rachel Lim
Release year:2019

i wish you could be where and when i want
find you in new york, london to seoul
well see all the cities day and night
you can be the reason i feel alright
i wanna go higher
to a different galaxy, im there
come be my pilot
anywhere we would find us together
but its not starlighted city
nor was it the breeze that got me singing
no other sceneries had me feeling
its you that got me feeling
you can take me higher
high enough for us to disappear
never i have felt so right before
you and i, were what im looking for
you take me higher
way past the sky you shine brighter
cant be more mesmerised by your
eyes, like the stars, i fall deeper
you can take me higher
you can take me higher
you can take me higher
you can take me higher
no, its not the starlighted city
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