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lyrics "Spooky Scary Skeletons"

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Artist express:Andrew Gold
Release year:1996

Spooky scary skeletons
Send shivers down your spine
Shrieking skulls will shock your soul
Seal your doom tonight
Spooky scary skeletons
Speak with such a screech
You'll shake and shudder in surprise
When you hear these zombies shriek
We're so sorry skeletons
You're so misunderstood
You only want to socialize
But I don't think we should
Cause spooky scary skeletons
Shout startling shrilly screams
They'll sneak from their sarcophagus
And just won't leave you be
Spirits supernatural
Are shy whats all the fuss
But bags of bones seem so unsafe
It's semi-serious!
Spooky scary skeletons
Are silly all the same
They'll smile and scrabble slowly by
And drive you so insane
Sticks and stones will break your bones
They seldom let you snooze
Spooky scary skeletons
Will wake you with a boo!
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